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Stony Brook Elementary School is a warm environment where every child is treated as an individual capable of learning. The staff operates using developmentally appropriate practices and utilizes child-oriented programs, whereby students' progress is continual and monitored closely.

Teachers take great pride in providing experiences to ensure that ALL students achieve the district standards found in the curriculum. Reading, language-arts, writing, mathematics, problem-solving, and communication skills are the core of the program. Reading progress is individually assessed on a regular basis and instruction is designed to teach each child at his or her own instructional level. Emphasis on the use of strategies and development of comprehension skills highlight the instructional approaches used in teaching Reading. Writing growth is developed along a sequence of skills outlined on a writing "rubric" and instruction begins in Kindergarten. Learning to write includes skills in Focus, Content, Organization, Style and Conventions.

Positive peer interactions and socialization skills are enriched through Prevention of Bullying, the Peace Wheel, and The Green Circle. The "Stony Brook Triangle" provides students with a visual reminder of the ideals of their school. The three sides of the Triangle represent Happiness, Responsibility, and Teamwork.  Discussions revolve around these three areas and include playground issues, school rules, cultural tolerance, homework, goal-setting, and much more. Each playground has its own Peace Wheel, which the children learn to utilize when they encounter conflict with another student. Adults serve as facilitators in helping the children become productive, positive problem-solvers. Finally, a recent addition to our character development program is R.O.A.R., which emphasizes Respect, Obedience, Achievement and Responsibility.

Parent involvement flourishes at Stony Brook. Through a very active PTO, parents, teachers, students, and administrators combine efforts to present assemblies, student/family programs, May Day, and a multitude of special "extras" designed to enhance the school program. Parents also participate as "helpers" in the school as tutors, clerical helpers, computer assistants, playground buddies, and more. New parents are welcome and encouraged to join the learning "team" at Stony Brook. Through the magnitude of program offerings at Stony Brook, the staff makes every effort to produce lifelong learners, responsible citizens, and team players. Parents, students, teachers, and administration combine efforts to make these early school years happy, productive, and memorable.