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Parent Drop Off and Pick Up


Parent Drop Off and Pick up for

Stony Brook for 2022-2023 School year

Our #1 goal is to keep all staff, students, and families safe during these times.



Stony Brook Parent AM DROP off  

ADULTS will stay in their vehicles during drop off, and drop their child off in the assigned areas.


                       Eating breakfast at school drop off from 8:30 – 8:45

                      If your child will be eating breakfast at Stony Brook, please have them at school prior to 8:45 AM so

                      they can eat breakfast in the cafeteria, and be in their classroom by 9:00 for the morning

                      announcements, and the start of our day.


      Those not eating breakfast at school please drop off based on last name:


                     A-L  8:35- 8:45 AM


      M-Z   8:45– 8:55 AM


    *All adults will be asked to stay in their cars during drop off and pick up.  

                      *Please have your child seated on the right hand side of your vehicle for safe entering and  


                      *Stony Brook staff will be at parent drop off to monitor your child’s safety.

                      *Please do not stop your car in the white crossing areas in the drop off area.


                Stony Brook Parent Pick up


                     *Parent pick up will begin at 3:25 PM.


                    *Parents will park in an assigned parking spot. Please  do not park in a handicapped spot if you

                      do not have a handicapped plate.


                     *Parents will come to the parent pick up area at the four lobby doors.

                       Purple – kindergarten, Green – 1st grade, Blue – 2nd grade, Red – 3rd grade


                    *Please sign the correct sign out sheet for the child you are picking up.


                    *Please have your Stony Brook Parent Pickup card (4 will be provided on the first day of school)

                      to show the Stony Brook staff member.


                     *All adults picking up Stony Brook learners will need to show a pick up card, if they do not have

                       a pick up card we will access your child’s information on Skyward to see if they are an

                       emergency contact (please update your Skyward contacts to include any family member or

                       neighbor who may be picking up a child) a note sent to school or given to SB staff at pick up will

                       not be sufficient for safety reasons). You will receive a call from the school if the adult picking

                       up does not have a card, and is not listed in emergency contacts.